De ben segur que l”escola ha marcat la nostra vida, ens ha obert horitzons i ha canviat la nostra manera de veure el món.

Thank you for all!

Have a good summer!

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Thank you for your help!

When I first walked up Carrer Germana towards Escola Vedruna Tona I was very, very nervous. The building was big, redbricked and a little intimidating and it finally dawned on me that I was in a foreign country in a small Catalonian town I had never heard of, surrounded by people I didn’t know and not able to speak a single word of Catalan. To this day I cannot fully explain my reasoning for applying to be an English Conversationalist Assistant, maybe it was just being young and spontaneous and wanting to experience a different culture, new traditions and escape the ordinary. And the fact that after university I was very lost. It’s strange because you would think coming to a different country unable to speak a language would make you feel even more isolated, yet being part of Vedruna School I felt more at home than I ever had.    

The building became warm and inviting, the staff and children were welcoming, enthusiastic and caring and the school for me became a symbol of community. The best thing about working in Vedruna is that it didn’t feel like work. Everyday was different and one that helped shape and allow me to grow as a person. The teachers helped me to understand the best ways to approach education and to be fun, energetic and supply engaging lessons so that children loved learning from watching the BBC News with ESO and singing, dancing and 'Danielle says' games with Primary.  

As the days passed with good moments and giggles, the more I learnt about the people in this school and town and the more I became to love them. Every day felt a happy day, from starting the mornings with a friendly ‘Hola!’ and smile from the ladies at reception, to the warm ‘Bon dia!’ and Mediterranean friendly pats and touches from the teachers to the coffee breaks filled with fun, sociable chats that were a diabetic nightmare of sugary coffees and Catalan patisseries. Although lessons were only spent with the English teachers, everybody in the school made a lovely and wonderful effort to speak to me (especially Manel with his friendly banter and Catalan jokes, that as an English girl I could never really understand) and it was clear this is a school of good people with good hearts and a little bit of craziness I grew very fond of. The people weren’t just work colleagues but felt like a support network of friends.  

The last nine months have also been a whirlwind of school trips, concerts, Saint Days and Annual celebrations. From cave exploring and disco dancing to DJ Joan Roca in Colonies, eating my first ever ‘castanyas’ at Halloween, singing about the Christmas Tio that ‘cagas turro’ and celebarting a birthday comprised of a surprise cake with a ridiculous hat, hugs and a book full of primary drawings and multiple embarrassing rounds of ‘Happy Birthday’ made me emotionally unstable but extremely happy. It was like celebrating with a crazy extended family that made my 22nd very special. One of the best things of being a conversational assistant is that by conversing with the children you really get to know them. Not just the usual name, age, where you live oral speaking material but their hobbies, what they like to do at weekends, their favourite TV programmes, their dreams and inspirations and it makes you feel very privellged you have been a little part of their lives.

The only bad thing about this experience is that it goes too fast. Every day whizzes by, it turns into weeks and you realise that nine months has crept by without you realising. And although I will leave Vedruna and Tona sadly ‘without the other half of my orange’, I will leave with special memories from people that have taught me to love and live life and although I can never truly show my appreciation I can only say that EVT is unforgettable.   



Danielle Newton

Auxiliar de conversa

Delegats de 4t d”ESO

Joan Rusiñol, exalumne

Sofia,Danielle, auxiliar de conversa

Cristina Costas, mare de l”escola

Mercè Rusiñol, exprofessora

Els nens i nenes de l”escola s”acomiaden de  la Danielle fins l”any vinent.

Marina Solà, exalumna