De ben segur que l”escola ha marcat la nostra vida, ens ha obert horitzons i ha canviat la nostra manera de veure el món.

Thank you for all!

Have a good summer!

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Thank you for your help!

When I first arrived in the small town of Tona after a whole day of travelling from Canada, there was nothing I felt more than excitement and anxiety all blended into one. Despite the feeling of jetlag I had so much to look forward to with teaching at the school, and learning how to become a part of their beautiful little community. I´d always had dreams of coming to Spain and learning Spanish, meeting new people and trying new things but líving in Catalunya and beginning with "Jo em dic Alex" turned out to be an eye opener and a whole new life experience. Still yawning and fighting to keep myself lively, I went to the school the next day and the welcoming arms and friendly smiles uplifted my spirit to a whole new level. Having been here for 3.5 months already has made me realize that this has turned out to be one of the best decisions I´ve made in my life. Vedruna is more than a school. It´s another home for some students, a place to escape when you´re sad, where you see your bestfriends everyday (including teachers), and a place to grow, improve yourself and advance in the world of knowledge. The teachers I work with and the teachers I don´t work with are all here for a very special reason and I´m beyond grateful I´ve had the opportunity to meet them. I feel at home here, not only because this town reminds me so much of my own small in Canada, but because of the attitude and kindness that I´ve been shown. It´s not easy leaving for 6 months to an unknown place, not knowing the language and not being 100% sure as to what will be expected of you. Thankfully, Tona, the teachers, the children and my host famílies have made it easy for me. One day, when I have a family, I want to bring them to Vedruna and introduce them to the lovely people I have met here because this has hands-down been an amazing experience for me. I couldn´t have asked for a better way to first see Europe. Every day is different, and it makes me Love coming everyday. I have never been in a classroom where the kids are enthuastic about english´well most of them...or asking me qüestions about where I´m from and how things are different in Canada than here. I ahve learnt more myself, being here than I ever have about Spain or the language, culture, food and polítics here. When I return home, I will tell everyone of my wonderful time here and they´ll want nothing more than to come back with me next year. Thank you Vedruna for everything you´ve provided for me, I´ll rememeber you all for the rest of my life.



Alexandrine Sauve

Auxiliar de conversa

Els nens i nenes de l”escola s”acomiaden de l”Alex fins l”any vinent.

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